March 30, 2007

A Web Service consumer

Thomas Adrian aka Notessidan has written a small web service for which he provides code to consume it. I had to try it so I did both with the suggested way in an agent using Microsoft's SOAP client and it works fine.

I also had to try using the new consumer service in Notes8. This works very good as well and this is how I did it:

  • Download the WSDL-file that describes the web service you want to call
  • Create a script library (LotusScript)
  • Press the WSDL button and import the WSDL file. When doing this on Notesidan's WSDL file my script library looks like:

    %INCLUDE "lsxsd.lss"
    Class Notessidan As PortTypeBase

    Sub NEW
    Call Service.Initialize ("UrnDefaultNamespaceNotessidanService", _
    "NotessidanService.Domino", "
    End Sub

    Set GETSIZE = Service.Invoke("GETSIZE")
    End Function

    Function NUMBEROFDOCUMENTS() As Long
    End Function
    End Class

  • Now create an agent and use the script library. Type 'Use "scriptlib_name"' in the (Options).
  • To show for example the number of documents in a message box, use the following code in initialize:

    Sub Initialize
    Dim ns As New Notessidan
    Dim numbDoc As Long
    Msgbox "Number of documents: " & numbDoc
    End Sub

  • Run the agent from the Notes client or from an application in where you want to use the data.

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March 29, 2007

A look at Domino Web Access 8 (beta 2)

I took a quick look at the new DWA för notes8beta and compared with DWA7. Although the design of the interface are quite similar there are a few obvious differences. Since this was done quickly I am sure I have missed several new features or design differences. Please feel free to add what you know in the comments.

In the mail frameset the 'All documents' link have been moved out from 'Views'. There is also a new "Open mail for..." which allows you to open someone elses mail in DWA as you have already been able to do in the Lotus Notes client for quite some time. Actually it's not just mail. Calendar, To do, Contacts and Notesbook can all be opened for another person. The contacts are now replicated with the mail application in Lotus Notes 8 so true replication occurs and their is no longer any need to synchronize manually from the Lotus Notes client.

There is a new 'online' category link at the top right of the DWA window. The online means that you're connected to the network and working on the server copy. To create a local copy, use the 'install subscription', which is used for offline use.

The little green arrow in the image above also existed in DWA7 although it was blue and slightly different. By clicking the arrow you can filter and search for mail by entry name and column.

There has been a few additions in the preferences as well.

  • Message Marking. Quickly identify mail that is important to you based on the recipients in the To and cc fields.
  • Rooms Resources. Allows you to have default settings for scheduling rooms and resources in meetings
  • Shortcuts. Provide shortcuts to other peoples mail file if you have been given access to it.

Also some facts from the IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8 Reviewer' guide:
  • DWA8 offers a new preview pane for horizontal och vertical use.
  • Presence awareness icons are automatically refreshed in the inbox view.
  • Server-based mail thread are supported. DWA8 mail threads are resilient and can include Internet mail messages.
  • Support for dynamic view column updates
  • There is a new ability to publish the inbox through an RSS or Atom feed by clicking an icon.
  • New calendar filter

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March 26, 2007

A trip to Thailand

Me and my family just came home from a trip we took to Thailand for two weeks for sun, bath and relax. We stayed at the Dolphin Bay Resort in the village Pranburi, near Hua Hin on the east coast. We took a few trips to other sightseeings and to Bangkok for shopping.

I recommend this place although there might be better beaches. Take a look at the hotel's homepage for more information.

I have uploaded some photos on Picasa for anyone interested.

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March 05, 2007

In need of an interesting 404 page?

Take a look at 404 Research Lab. You should be able to find something there :-)

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