December 31, 2006

Plans for next year

Last year (2005) I was certified as an IBM Certified System Administrator for Lotus Notes and Domino 6/6.5. This year (2006) I was certified as an IBM Certified Application Developer for Lotus Notes and Domino 6/6.5. My plans for next year (2007) will include the update for Notes Domino 7 Application Development and Notes Domino 7 System Administration.

But most exciting is the leap I will take into the Java world by certify as a Sun Certified Java Associate (SCJA) and/or depending on how it works as a Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP). This have to do with me moving on to be a Notes/Domino consultant at Ekakan next year.

Since Java is being used as a programming language in Lotus Notes but mainly because the new products and frameworks of IBM are built on Java and builds in Java it really feels like the right time (could have been sooner) to get great knowledge in these areas as well. I believe that a Notes/Domino developer with J2EE competence is an even better developer. I am very excited about this and will tell you more later on.

As you might have noticed there has been a discussion going on about Java and IBM, about how important it is for Notes developers to learn Java and if the needed Java competence is an Akilles heel for IBM. Take a look here at the discussions:

It has been a great year and I hope for 2007 to be even better.
Happy New Year to you all!!!

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December 13, 2006

The Notes.ini Reference

This was news to me!
I have been wondering for quite some time if there is some kind of library somewhere that lists all the available notes.ini parameters. I haven't got an answer to that so far. Then I ran into The Notes.ini Reference, which lists a very long list of ini-params. I don't know if the list contains ALL available parameters or just the one's that people together have collected with their common knowledge.

If you click on a parameter a new page is open that describes the purpose of it, how long it has been valid, additional information like if there is a need for a restart and so on.

Great Page! Hope it stays free!
Take a look at my personal reference page for Lotus Notes and Domino references where you can find more links to other notes.ini references.

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December 06, 2006

IBM Lotus Expeditor

Now, what is this new stuff? Probably something that you really need know and dive into. What's the connection to Lotus Notes, Domino, WebSphere, Workplace, Sametime and so on?
Well, at least for me the questions are many. Although I have been reading quite a lot I still don't get it all. And what can you do except keep reading and testing, after all that's one of the fun parts ;-)

Here is a short explanation from the article 'Developing an OSGi service as a Web Service in IBM Lotus Expeditor', there is a link to it below.

IBM Lotus Expeditor (formerly IBM WebSphere Everyplace Deployment) is a client middleware framework and tooling platform that enables connection, independent delivery, and management of applications and services.

From what I have understand for example 'Hannover' will consume services from the Expeditor platform. Here are a few good links for more information. A good guess is that more information is coming up on Lotusphere this year.

Three really good blogs that will in some or many ways discuss the Lotus Expeditor:

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