March 15, 2008

PHP's next major release

I have been working some with PHP but mostly as a script language for building blogs, admin interfaces or standard websites with lookups to mysql db's and similar, not too advanced that is. But the reason I keep doing it is that it has so much capability and there is so much information and examples all over the Internet.

PHP has come a long way and already is an object-oriented language. With the new upcoming release (5.3) more interesting things will come (originally intended for release 6) that makes it more competitive and assuring that it will continue being one of the best. Some of the new things you can expect are native MySQL support, variable static calls (like in Java), enhanced error reporting and namespaces (really cool). Read this article for all this information.

An if you want to get started your self, use the following two sites which is close to anything you need, except Google of course ;-)

- W3Schools tutorial

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March 14, 2008

JavaScript references

In my series of reference pages (see blog's sidebar) there is clearly one about JavaScript and its surroundings missing. So here it goes. As the others it will be constantly updated and will be here for my own use and hopefully helpful to others as well. Feel free to post a comment for any suggestions to changes or additions on the following bullet lists.


JavaScript frameworks/toolkits/libraries:
JavaScript editor:

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