April 25, 2007

Charity fund raising for children with cancer in Second Life

On April 28th at 1900 hours GMT+01:00 there will be a charity fund raising held in Second Life by the Children's cancer fund and Second Sweden.

It is the first swedish charity fund raising gala in Second Life and artists, both from real-life as well as established artists in SL like Natalie Moody (Therese Åhs) will be performing to raise money for children with cancer.

I'm sure this will be a really great evening, be sure to be there and buy a teddy bear and/or give some money.

Read more at Barncancerfonden's homepage. There's been an interview in swedish television about this as well, take a look at it on youTube.
Here is the location for the gala.

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April 24, 2007

Get ready for G33k date!

Finally there will be an opportunity for some serious geeking IRL!

On thursday, May 24th 2007 a first g33k date will be held in the center of Stockholm, Sweden.

This is an independent forum and not a sales seminar or something like that. Come and join us and listen to interesting speaches, hook up with other people interested in the same things you are and just be yourself... and why not have a beer? Few things match like g33k talk and beer.

On this first meeting sponsored by Ekakan Joachim Dagerot and Johan Känngård will be the main speakers. Hopefully this will be the first in a long row of successful and popular g33k dates.

The subjects to speaches and to the g33k meetings will be a wide variety of interesting topics - from Notes/Domino and Java to Web technologies. You have a voice, make it heard!

Everyone who is interested in Notes/Domino development and administration combined with Java, web and whatever are most welcome. It doesn't matter if you're a consultant or a regular employée as long as you have a burning interest [geek].

However what we would like you to do is to announce your wish to join us so that we can plan for food, beverages and premises. Send us an email or post a comment!


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April 17, 2007

My first Sametime 7.5 plugin

This is funny and opens up a lot of opportunities.

All you need is Eclipse, a web server and a Sametime 7.5 connect client. I used Apache Tomcat 6.0.

I read and followed the steps in this article from developerWorks and it was quite easy to create and deploy.
The plug-in is the picture of myself in the image below. When the mouse hovers the picture the text 'A nice little Sametime plug-in' pops up. There is also a Click-handler connected to the picture which opens an alert window with some text.

I found two issues that didn't match the article from reality though:

  • When you want to update the plugin (change text, image or something else) you need to (among other steps) synchronize versions of contained plug-ins and fragments with their version in the workspace. The article says "Click the Versions button" in feature.xml in the overview tab. This button doesn't exist in my Eclipse. Instead click the link "Synchronize".
  • Another thing that didn't work was when I was going to do "Build All" to build the updated plug-in in "site.xml". This raised an error message "Unable to find plugin: com.ibm.example-iu_". To solve this open the site.xml tab to look at the xml code. Change the version to the new correct version since this has not been updated as it should. It's in two places in the following row.
    <feature url="features/com.ibm.example.feature.iu_1.3.0.jar" id="com.ibm.example.feature.iu" version="1.3.0">. Now Build All and everything will work.

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April 05, 2007

Enable the business card photo in Sametime7.5

I thought it would take a mouse click or two to turn on this feature. It actually takes more than that. You have to be a designer and an administrator but once that's fixed it is done in 5-10 minutes.

I found a complete and very good tutorial at Bingham's blog.
When the Domino 7 server was new and no one really thought about the coming Domino 8 server, the idea was to add a field in the middle of the person form in which the photo would be inserted. But then someone clever thought about the possibility that the template pubnames.ntf might be changed on regular basis and thereby the changes would be wiped out when upgrading to the next server version.

Therefore a similar solution has been recommended by IBM. An empty subform called "$PersonExtensibleSchema" will instead be used to add a rich text field, in which the business card photo should be inserted. This subform is inserted in the Person form on the Other tab. So once this change is made by a designer on the template and the design has been refreshed on names.nsf, each user can add their own photo in their person document.

Before this works a little configuration is needed on the sametime server that is done via the web browser (stcenter.nsf). And finally a restart of the sametime server.

This is how my business card looks like when I have made all the changes.

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April 03, 2007

Faster database copy with CL COPY

This is a tip that I heard on the Taking Notes podcast, episode 57.

Bruce Elgort has with some help from Thomas Gumz found out a way to copy databases via the console directly on the server instead of through the notes client. This is really good stuff since you will gain lots of time. If I remember correctly from the podcast there was a copy of a database on about 5 GB that took several hours to copy through the notes client but by using this console command it only took about 4 minutes. You can use it to make copies in clustered as well as non-clustered environments and to make replicas, non-replicas and templates.

Thanks Bruce and Thomas for this one, I'm sure many admins are happy now. Read more on Bruce's blog for detailed info on how to do it.

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