August 28, 2006

wink - The Social Search Engine

wink is a social search engine powered by the people. It indexes tagged content from Digg, Yahoo MyWeb, Furl, Slashdot and other social bookmarking services and displays them on search result pages.

Create your own account on wink. Search, tag, vote and block as you please.
If you like a page (a search result), then add it to your favourites by clicking on a star. If you don't like it, then block it by clicking in the blocking symbol and you won't see it again.

wink also synchronizes will and it is also possible to edit wiki entries inside wink. An explanation and a reference to wikipedia is presented for the meaning of the search word.

A search plugin for Firefox can be installed.

Next version, wink 2.0, is launched next week.

Read more on Techcrunch for a more detailed description.

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August 25, 2006

File sharing in Firefox with AllPeers

I read a blogpost on Webbomedia by Per-Åke Olsson about a new firefox extension called AllPeers. It is a cross-over between instant messaging and file sharing. Files are shared by drag-and-drop to your friends and family.

It is using Bit-torrent technique but no uploading is required. The data is being loaded directly from each user's hard drive and there is no size limit. It is only possible however to share and upload with users on your contact list.

Seems like a great and useful application. Haven't been able to use it fully yet though due to few people in my contact list.

Take the tour and learn more.

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Now, where can I find the latest firefox 2.0 release candidate?
I was thinking about that the other day and don't think it's trivial to find it on the firefox homepage.

There are several options. Search for it on Google or Technorati, read some blogs or post a comment and ask for it. And there's another way, use a torrent site. There's always someone who has already uploaded it.

ScrapeTorrent lets you search 4 different torrent sites and presents the results from each and one of them on the same page with torrent links.

This link searches for everything uploaded about Firefox on:

You can filter zero seeders which is a great feature.

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August 23, 2006

The real Firefox

Look at the real firefox I found at

I wonder if Mozilla knew about this beautiful animal when they created Firefox?

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August 22, 2006

Google MP3 Player - a new GMail feature

I read the Google Blogoscoped and found a blog post about Google MP3 Player. Appearantely Amit Agarwal on Digital Inspiration has been digging into the GMail code and found a MP3 player. It is actually the Google Video Player that can be used to play any mp3 file even without having to login to GMail.

I have followed Philipp Lenssen's advice and put it into an iframe. This way we get a Google-like interface with a progressbar and sound adjustments.

Below is the latest episode from the Taking Notes Podcast - Taking Notes Episode 28:08.17.06 - Sametime on Linux, DominoWiki, Lotusphere 2007, OpenNTF Update, Online Meeting Tips and News.

Now sit back and enjoy this great podcast for Notesoholics from Nick's corner!

or... try it yourself. This is the secret URL ->

Take a look at the source code for info on how to put it into an iframe.

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August 20, 2006

Each week's most popular online video clips

Lifehacker reports about The WorldTV Internet TV Charts site. It keeps track of the most popular videos from 4 services and updates every Sunday at 7pm:

Here's the current number one from Google Video:

Also see popurls tracking the most popular urls from, del.ici.ous and

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August 19, 2006

Time magazine lists 50 coolest websites

Time magazine has published a list of the 50 coolest websites. It should have been a list of the 500 coolest websites if you ask me. There are so much going on on the Internet right now and we are experiencing an exponential growing of new cool sites and features following the trends of web 2.0.

On we can read the following:

Many of this year's choices are shining examples of Web 2.0: next-generation sites offering dynamic new ways to inform and entertain, sites with cutting-edge tools to create, consume, share or discuss all manners of media, from blog posts to video clips.

Take a look at the full list.

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August 16, 2006

Plans for 'Locations' in Hannover

Mary Beth Raven, the lead project designer for the Hannover project has in a posting on her blog mentioned the plans for 'Locations'.

The old concept of 'Locations' from Notes will be kept but reduced:

  • Office (network) -> Online
  • Island (disconnected) -> Offline
  • Travel (notes direct dialup) -> Travel (to remove?)
  • Home (notes direct dialup) -> Home (to remove?)
  • Home (network dialup) -> remove
  • Internet -> remove
In Hannover it will be possible to see all old locations from Notes 7 and to manage locations. When managing locations and choosing to create a new or to edit an existing one the following dialog box will appear:

Read more on Mary's blog and the comments she has received.

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August 14, 2006

NeoWORX blog counter

Maybe you have noticed my new counter further down to the right on this blog? I found it on Paul Mooney's site. Go to NeoWORX homepage and you can try three different applications:

  • NeoCounter

    It shows the number and nationality of online and past visitors.
    Here's a screen shot from this blog:

  • NeoEarth displays your online and past visitors on a choice of 12 zoomable maps in 4 different sizes.

  • NeoBoard helps you to establish a community feeling by discussing with your visitors online.

Registration offers a premium version for 14 days and after that it's your choice to choose the premium version or the free version. The free version for NeoCounter offers a basic online display without past visitors information and unable to customize looks. I think I will go with that one though. We'll see after 14 days.

Take a look at NeoWORX for more info about the counter.

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Windows Live Writer

Microsoft has just released Microsoft Live Writer, a tool following the trend of web 2.0 making it easier for us to share information like blogging and photo publishing. It's a beta and some of its features are:

  • WYSIWYG Authoring (blog authoring)
  • Photo publishing
  • Map publishing
  • Writer SDK
The .NET framework is required.

In a former blog post I was writing about a new web browser called Flock. Using flock I can publish posts to different blog services and publish fotos to both Flickr and Photo bucket. I am sure Windows Live Writer is a great tool although I haven't tried it yet.

Read more on Lifehacker and on Beta Alfa 2.0 (swedish).

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August 11, 2006

Web Operating System

So now something called a web OS has come and joined the world of web 2.0.

At Desktoptwo you can register to use an online web based desktop. It is built in Flash and offers a feel of a regular PC desktop with 1GB space for free and applications and features like e-mail, address book, blog publishing, IM client, MP3 player, Program editor, Acrobat reader, Open Office, Browser and more.

I registered but had some connectivity problems so I didn't get a chance to provide a review. Take a look at Go2Web2 for a good review with more screen shots.

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August 10, 2006

Lotusscript version of the @Middle formula

Here is a lotusscript function for the @Middle formula function.

Function Middle (fullString As String, startString As String, endString As String) As String

Dim startposition As Integer
Dim startlen As Integer
Dim endposition As Integer

startPosition = Instr (fullString, startString)
startLen = Len (startString)

If ((startPosition > 0) And (startString <> "")) Then
endPosition = Instr (Right$ (fullString, Len(fullString) - startPosition), endString)
If (endPosition > 0) Then
Middle = Mid$ (fullString, startPosition + startLen, Instr (startPosition + startLen, fullString, endString) - ( startPosition + startLen ) )
Middle = Mid$ (fullString, Instr (fullString, startString) + Len (startString), Len (fullString))
End If
Middle = ""
End If
End Function

midStr = Middle("This is a wildcard _ and this is what you get +", "_", "+")
Msgbox thestr

and this is what you get

*** updated 10 aug ***

or make it easier as Thomas Adrian suggested in a comment:

middle = Evaluate(|@Middle("| + mystring + |";"| + startString + |";"| + endstring + |")|)

Dim middle As Variant

middle = Evaluate(|@Middle("| + mystring + |";"| + startString + |";"| + endstring + |")|)
Print middle(0)


*** updated 14 aug***

Here's another approach by Sean Burgess suggested in a comment and it works fine as well.

Dim tmp As Variant
Dim FullString As String
Dim StartString As String
Dim EndString As String

FullString = "This is a wildcard _ and this is what you get+"
StartString = "_"
EndString = "+"

tmp = Strright(Strleft(FullString, EndString), StartString)
Msgbox tmp


One could say that the script I posted is somewhat unnecessary ;-) when it could be done in these ways. Or... you could call it ambitious. Anyway now I would say we've covered the middle function! But please feel free to post other solutions and I will put them up as updates.

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August 08, 2006

Chat client for multiple instant messaging services

Do you chat?
Well, I use MSN Messenger for private use and Sametime for work related chat. I also have a Google Talk account but there is not much activity going on there, I guess it's too early.

Anyway, wouldn't it be nice to use only one client for all the instant messaging services you use? Hardly any news that it is possible. I tried to make it work with Trillian a year ago, but it failed for sametime. Now, I have found Kool IM.

It's a web-based client and you need to register on the site to start using it. It's very easy to start using. The following clients are supported:

  • AIM
  • Google Talk
  • ICQ
  • IRC
  • Inbox
  • Jabber
  • MSN
  • RSS Channel
  • Sametime
  • Stocks channel
  • Yahoo

For those of you who don't know what Sametime is, I can very briefly explain that it is a chat client that connects to a Sametime server or actually it is a Domino server with Sametime functionality add-ons. Sametime can connect to the server via a web browser, a desktop client or through Lotus Notes. It's primarily used for work and not for private matters like MSN.

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August 04, 2006

Create your own digg feeds!

Have you visited If you haven't, take a look at it!! It's a great place to find news in the world and on the Internet. I keep an eye on the Technology topic from time to time.

Now it's possible to create custom digg feeds on DiggFiltr.

I have made a custom digg feed for the Technology topic and put it into blogLines.

Here's the subscription.

and here's how it looks as a feed in bloglines.

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August 02, 2006

What's new in WebSphere Portal 6 ?

Websphere portal 6 was released on july 26th.

Some of new the features are

  • improved user experience
  • additional personalization capabilities
  • composite application capabilities
  • Simplified portlet creation (websphere (bowstreet) portlet factory)
  • Multiple LDAP support
Websphere portal 6 comes in three editions; WebSphere Portal Server, WebSphere Portal enable and WebSphere Portal Extend.

IBM has published an article about it. Read more here.
Also try a demo of it here.

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