July 01, 2007

Ekakans office in SL is getting its first shapes

I have started to build an office for Ekakan in Second Life and well... you have to start somewhere ;-)
Here's what it looks like at this very moment. I/we have great plans, ideas and thoughts for this. Although Ekakan doesn't yet have it's own place in SL, it will soon be for real and I'll let you know when that happens.

The idea is to be visible, to show the company and its competence in yet another medium. Maybe to be able to talk to the consultants the avatar way, read curriculum vitaes (resumes) and hire consultants. There are also plans to offer different types of tips and tricks and to be able to assist in different ways. The place to go to when you need to kill twenty minutes or help with techie questions and issues.

Come to the IBM Sandbox and I will give you the grand tour ;-) (if I'm currently there).

View from outside

Inside the office. Photos of some of the employees on the wall which show short presentations when touched.

There's also a window to lighten up the place and coloured sofas.

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1 comment:

Lars Larsson said...

This is a very cool idea!
I must visit the office soon ;-)