June 22, 2006

WebSphere Portal 6 released in Q3 2006

I attended a short presentation about WebSphere Portal 6 the other day. I am actually having a hard time finding good information on the Internet about it.

Did you know that WebSphere Portal 6 includes WebSphere Portlet Factory (former Bowstreet Portlet Factory)? The current release date is the 28th of july.

IBM announces WebSphere Portal Version 6

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure Portlet Factory is included? It merely mentions that it is "closely aligning" with it.

Misleading marketing on IBM's part...

Niklas Waller said...

No, I'm not sure but that's what IBM was saying at the presentation I went at anyway.

Well, the future will tell...

Thanx for stopping by!

/ Nick