December 13, 2006

The Notes.ini Reference

This was news to me!
I have been wondering for quite some time if there is some kind of library somewhere that lists all the available notes.ini parameters. I haven't got an answer to that so far. Then I ran into The Notes.ini Reference, which lists a very long list of ini-params. I don't know if the list contains ALL available parameters or just the one's that people together have collected with their common knowledge.

If you click on a parameter a new page is open that describes the purpose of it, how long it has been valid, additional information like if there is a need for a restart and so on.

Great Page! Hope it stays free!
Take a look at my personal reference page for Lotus Notes and Domino references where you can find more links to other notes.ini references.

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1 comment:

Bernd Webster said...

there exist also another notes.ini reference which has all the new entrys. The DRCC seamed to stop with Lotus Notes 7.

The other notes.ini Reference can be found here: