January 15, 2007

More on Second Life

It's addictive!
Thomas put a picture on Notessidan from last night where we're standing next to a bench on an IBM island talking about Notes and other stuff. Later on Alan showed us the Sear's building. Take a look below ->

In Second Life it is possible to buy Linden dollars for real money. Once you've done that it's possible to build your own buildings and other stuff. I have not done that yet but maybe that's the next step to make it even more funny. For example if you're interested in poker there are dozens of islands where you can play poker. I have not tried it myself yet but I'm sure it could be pretty advanced and useful and if you make Linden dollars you can make real dollars out of it.

So far I have spent my time in SL just trying to figure everything out. I have had conversations with people I don't know, people I know of but don't know and a few people I know well. Two days ago me and a good friend of mine, Erik, spent some time there and found a dance floor. In real life I really suck, in second life I rock ;-)
Have a look ->

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1 comment:

Andrei Kouvchinnikov said...

It would be interesting to see how poker game in Second Life works. Will try to install and play Second Life later this week :)