January 12, 2007

Second Life - a virtual world

I read a posting on Alan Lepofsky's blog about Second Life. Shortly after that another posting on Notessidan by Thomas Adrian. Both of them seem to enjoy it and I have heard many others saying the same thing. It feels like this topic is about to explode with currently 2.5 million residents and counting.

I actually entered the virtual world second life myself two or three month's ago and had quite fun. I started changing my appearance, tried driving a go-cart, flew around and chatted with a lot of nice people. It is really funny to be there. But you need a computer with som power as in grapics and RAM. Mine can't quite handle it and it takes away some of the fun with it.

I was just in one of IBM's islands, following Thomas' tip. Unfortunately there was almost no one there. Probably because most residents in these islands are from US and they are either working or sleeping when I'm there. I'll keep trying!

Anyway my name in Second Life is Nicolas Paravane and here is a picture of me in the air next to IBM Theatre:

In the mid of november I attended the IBM Software Day in Kista, Sweden. One of many speakers was Torbjörn Johansson. He is swedish but works in New York (I think) close to the management team with strategic issues. He is currently working as the technical assistant for Irving Wladawsky-Berger who is manager for technical strategy and innovation at IBM. It was very interesting listening to him and one of many things he talked about was second life. IBM is as you know very active in this world. He compared second life today with what Internet was in 1994. That says quite a lot about how at least IBM sees the importance of this area.

Maybe I'll see you there!

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