April 24, 2007

Get ready for G33k date!

Finally there will be an opportunity for some serious geeking IRL!

On thursday, May 24th 2007 a first g33k date will be held in the center of Stockholm, Sweden.

This is an independent forum and not a sales seminar or something like that. Come and join us and listen to interesting speaches, hook up with other people interested in the same things you are and just be yourself... and why not have a beer? Few things match like g33k talk and beer.

On this first meeting sponsored by Ekakan Joachim Dagerot and Johan Känngård will be the main speakers. Hopefully this will be the first in a long row of successful and popular g33k dates.

The subjects to speaches and to the g33k meetings will be a wide variety of interesting topics - from Notes/Domino and Java to Web technologies. You have a voice, make it heard!

Everyone who is interested in Notes/Domino development and administration combined with Java, web and whatever are most welcome. It doesn't matter if you're a consultant or a regular employée as long as you have a burning interest [geek].

However what we would like you to do is to announce your wish to join us so that we can plan for food, beverages and premises. Send us an email or post a comment!


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Johan said...

Thanks for the g33k date hosting! Great initiative! Here is a short blog entry about it: