June 03, 2007

I love my Weber!

Yesterday I bought a new outdoor grill, a Weber One-Touch Platinum Charcoal Grill, Black. And today I'm a very happy man :-)

When doing the research for which grill I should buy, many people have been into the buy-and-throw philosphy - buy a cheap grill for like 200 SEK (approximately 30 US Dollars) in the spring, throw it when the autumn comes and then buy a new one for the next spring. I am not very fond of that. I think it's better to buy something really good that will last for many years.
And if you take care of it I think it will last, especially if it's a Weber since it won't rust standing outdoors.

Take a look at the product features and technical data here. There is a warranty for 10 years on most parts.

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Per Gref said...

So true, Webers are great quality!I've had mine for 10 years now and although it has no signs of heavy corrosion there are some issues with it. Nothing alarming considering the age and usuage I'd say. The charcoal raster is almost completely gone now and the ash propeller is millimeters from losing two of it's blades. OK, they come as spare parts so it's not the end of the world. But I'd like to have an ash catcher just like you've got on yours though, and to see how shining and nice it looks I think I'll spoil myself with a new one in the weeks to come...

Niklas Waller said...

I completely understand if you do.. once you get it on your mind it's hard to let go :-)
If you're interested in the grill & wagon concept there is one a little better called Performer touch-n-go, which also has a gas ignition system and a dual-purpose thermometer. It certainly will ease the process of heating the carchoal fuel but the question is if it's worth another 1000 SEK.

I think it's time for a barbecue party with Weber steaks and cold beer ;-)

Per Gref said...

Wow! Igniter sounds awesome actually! I usually do it the electric fork way but it is kind of a hassle to get the extension cord out... The problems we have..., I know :)