June 06, 2007

Summary of Lotus Nordic Meeting

Yesterday the Nordic Lotus Meeting was held in Second Life. Thomas "notessidan" Adrian hosted the meeting and although the number of attendees weren't that impressive (approximately 15?) it was in my opinion successful. It was a mix of people from different Nordic countries such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway and with different Lotus skills and experience with Second Life.

The discussions were mainly about Second Life and only brief about Lotus products at this first meeting. Notessidan showed us the stage that he had built for the location and also his Second Life office. We were all impressed and at least I got a bit excited about the possibilities that I can imagine when seing what can be done and when talking to all this people that were there.
We are building relations that seamlessly spans over countries, cultures and different humans with a variety of skillsets.

I can see a small problem with these meetings though that needs some improvement. Although there is an agenda it always turn out to be a slight chaos. People talk at the same time which causes some questions to be mistakenly ignored, someone starts building a big sphere or someone decides to pick up a giant aircraft from their inventory or suddenly someone starts dancing. All this causes some distraction which is completely understandable. Who wouldn't be if it took place in real life?

This is not at all wrong, it is rather amusing and funny actually but when it comes to the point when you would like to have productive and efficient meetings with results something has to be done.

Maybe some sort of guidelines needs to be written for meetings with an intended agenda on how to act to get the results wished for? What do you think?

Some snapshots from the event:

Thomas Adrian, Johan Känngård and me are dancing. Don't remember the other's names.

My first object, a Lotus Notes 8 bench. Do you want it? Contact Nicolas Paravane in SL

Yup, there was beer too...

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Thomas said...

coola bilder du tog, tack för sammanfattningen och din medverkan.

Efter sommaren kanske vi ska dra ihop nåt Notes 8 java möte, eller vad säger du.

Niklas Waller said...

Ja, det tycker jag definitivt att vi ska göra. Jag ska själv börja bygga en del nu tänkte jag och har några idéer. Vi får prata vidare...

Tack själv för ett mkt bra event och ett startskott som jag tror behövdes. Engagemanget kring SL är ännu mkt litet i Svenska och Nordiska kretsar känner jag, men har som jag tror vi båda känner enorm potential.