August 29, 2007

Notes/Domino 8 preparation test are out

IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8 certification preparation tests from CertFX are out:

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Paul said...

I consistently scored 97% - 100% on the 190-802 practice exam purchased from CertFX... after feeling confident I knew the concepts based on the practice test, not just memorization of the questions and answers, I took the real exam and failed horribly with a 33%. The actual exam was NOTHING like the practice test software from CertFX. I am certified with R5, ND6, and ND7... buyer beware.

Luis Alejandro Guirigay said...

I think they are pass-guaranteed. Ask for refund.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Paul,

I am Arie from Indonesia...Can i copy your CertFX for me...cause i wanna test the exam for lotus domino 8, but i don't know how to learn.....

My YM array_46....please help me...Mr. nicks & Mr. Paul

Niklas Waller said...

Hi Anonymous,
When you buy a CertFX test you only get two copies so that you have the ability to install it on two computers. I don't have any left.

If you want to learn about Lotus Notes Domino 8 I suggest you read about it before doing the test. If you have access to the Lotus Domino Designer 8 Help you will see a section with news for this release or something like that. The built-in help is more than enough to pass the exam although it is a lot of information.

Or you could attend a course which would lead you the right way and give you material to study better and more efficiently.