August 30, 2007

September G33K

Date for september g33k has been changed to the 25th of september

In may 24th earlier this year the first g33k date took off for which the expectations were set high and which also ended up very successfully. Another g33k meeting has been planned for september 25th and you wouldn't want to miss it!!!

This time Viktor Krantz and Troy Reimer from Snapps (US) are keynote speakers and will talk about the relatively new product Quickr and other things I'm sure. Snapps is the official IBM Design Partner for Quickplace (Quickr) and has produced high-quality, free Quickplace and Quickr templates. For the interested you can find templates for Quickplace 7 here and Lotus Quickr 8 templates at Snapps are also co-producers of Collaboration University and let's not forget to mention Rob Novak's and Viktor Krantz's very popular session 'The great code giveaway' which is held every year at Lotusphere.

This is a great opportunity to meet other developers working with Lotus Notes/Domino, Java, web etc. and I assure you it will be both instructive, fun and beerish in a comfortable mixture that especially g33ks like us appreciate ;-)

The time for the meeting is set to 06:00 PM and will be held in the center of Stockholm, Sweden also this time at Ekakan's premises. Check here for more details and the latest information.

Sign up here in a comment or send a mail if you would like to join us!

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