October 03, 2007

Get started with Dojo

Did you know that you could do this on any web page and fairly quickly? All you need to do is to access some javascript source files and add your own pictures. I might add the fisheye example to this blog later when I have more time.

With Dojo someone else has done the work for you to use for free and it works in any browser (or at least the most common ones).

I am currently looking into dojo and playing with it and I really like the way it's heading. An API (0.4.2) already exists much like Java's although they can't really be compared since the documentation certainly could be better with examples and references and it takes quite a lot of time to understand what to do with the objects if you're new to the toolkit. A really good thing is that you, as in Java, can choose what to include in your webpage. That is you don't have to import the entire library but only for example the widget functionality (dojo.widget.*).

Follow the link to dojo below to get started with several good tutorials and examples. But just to mention it, all you need to do is to download a zip-file and extract it to your file system. Then create a html-file, include dojo javascript source files and you're up and running.

Further on, and this is really interesting, there is a rumour that says that Dojo will be installed by default on the next version of Domino. Now if that's going to happen or not, I don't know, but it certainly gives me another reason to start looking at this.

If anyone knows any other good references or examples that you recommend please leave a comment.

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Simon Scullion said...

For Domino + Dojo check out this site http://dojomino.com/dojomino/blog.nsf

Articles and downloads to learn from and use.

pottedmeat said...

Check out the Dojo book and our alpha API reference.