September 27, 2007

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Well, I had no doubt about if this was going to be a good one or not, but just to be clear, it was!

This tuesday we had our second g33k date and approximately 30 developers, both customers and partners and actually an IBM:er ;-) showed up to listen to Viktor Krantz and Troy Reimer from Snapps talking about Quickr, dojo, JSON and other stuff. They showed us demos and really good code examples as well.

I have been looking more into the dojo toolkit that Viktor brought up during their presentation and it really fascinates me. It is SO easy to do cool stuff (depending on what you want to do and your level of skills of course). I can't believe I have avoided it before (not intentially though). Viktor explained to us about the pros of dojo and that it most likely will be part of next release of Domino as well, which makes it even more interesting.
Troy seems to be the king of coding structure and commenting just to mention something. A closer look at a lotusscript agent he made was a beautiful sight and I have learned a lot from that too. Thank's a lot guys for a great evening!

Besides this excellent show, we all had the privilege to meet each other and discuss those geeky things we like so much. Can't wait for next time!

Just before and in the beginning of the meeting I got a chance to very shortly show Ekakan's office that I have built in Second Life. I explained a little about what second life is, the purpose, how to build stuff, scripting and business ideas and I hope I am not the only one seeing the opportunities that lies here.

If you are interested in more info about Viktor and Troy, I described that in a recent post that you can read more about here.

And as a last thing I recorded a little piece of video where Viktor talks about Dojo. It's of a horrible quality but you can at least probably here something.

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