December 06, 2007

Book recommendation for SCJP 5.0

It's time for a new book recommendation from me. In May earlier this year I recommended the book "Head First JAVA". I finished the book two months ago or so. The book stayed being excellent through the end and it's time for the next step in my mission to be a Java God ;-)

To really understand and remember everything I have combined my theoretical knowledge with practical work in the Domino environment as well as outside in Eclipse since experience is invaluable in the learning cycle. Of course I have oceans of information and experience to learn and teach but we all have to start somewhere.

So this mission must include a certification and therefore the natural choice for me had to be a preparation book for the certification test. I want to be a certified programmer for Java 5 so what would be better than reading a book named "Sun Certified Programmer for Java 5" with the same authors (Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates) as the previously recommended book? The book is really thick and is good exercize for my muscles carrying it around to and from work. Oh, and it is good reading as well. I have completed a chapter now and I am impressed as before. It has excellent coverage of all parts for the certification exam with tips and tricks, exercises and so on in a very structured way. It not only learns what to study but also how.

So go ahead and get this one if you want what I want. Read more on Google book search.

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