May 06, 2007

Learn Java with Head First Java

While the platform for Lotus Notes, Domino and Sametime applications changes, the need of understanding Java grows bigger. Although IBM is designing their new development tools to minimize the need for new learning curves when it comes to development I still believe that you as a Domino developer (and Domino administrator) is better off understanding what Java is, how it works and it would certainly not hurt learning how to develop some in it as well.

I made the decision to learn Java a few months ago and to actually do it this time, and really good - you know to be a kick-ass Java developer (to almost quote Bob Balaban). I have studied/tried quite a lot of different programming languages before and looked at both C++ and Java (both object oriented) before but never really gone into the depth of it. But I have tried, several times. I have bought books (read the first chapters before I found something more interesting to do) and read tutorials on Internet and that has helped me to some point of course but when it comes to Java (in my opinion) it's a lot about understanding and a barrier to climb before you get it and fully can enjoy it and really make use of it. But once you have climbed that barrier you just keep going and nothing will stop you. And then it is up to you to decide whether you want to use your understanding of Java in what you do today or if you want to focus more on it and keep learning more like servlets, Java beans, JSP and whatever is out there.

What made me climb the barrier (I think I really got over it a couple of weeks ago) is an excellent book that I have to tell you about, it's called Head First Java and covers Java 5.0. Give it a chance although it at first almost feels you're going back to the early school years when briefly looking through it. It is a lot of pictures and a lot of explaining but that's what's so good about it. When you have read the first chapter you should be as excited as I am. And you don't have to be a newbie, in fact you shouldn't. You should have some basic knowledge about programming to get the most out of it I think. If you do, go ahead, you're gonna love it.

Here's a sample from Google Books (thanx Thomas).

The authors of the book has a blog as well called "Creating passionate users". And there are a few more books written in the same manners, take a look at them here.

Some Java-resources:

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Thomas said...

Tack för tipset,
Hittade ett utdrag ur boken på Google Books:,M1

- Thomas

Niklas Waller said...

Toppen, tack! Jag uppdaterar blogginlägget med det!

// Niklas

Vipin Joseph said...

It's really an amazing book.
i read 3 or 4 books before. But after reading head first java, i really understood what java is.

Orelly said...

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