April 28, 2006

About roaming #3

At LotusPhere 2006 I asked the experts a question about roaming.

Why is 'Inherit design from Master template' turned off for the bookmark.nsf, journal.nsf and names.nsf that gets created for a Roaming user?

I spoke with Shobha Hiremath who was taking over the role as the roaming expert. She got back to me in february with an answer ->

It used to be turned on and that was a problem! If the roaming databases were client only databases we didn't have to worry about their design being changed by the server when the server is upgraded. Since these files are on the server, when someone upgrades them from Domino 6 to something newer, the new template design will replace the design of the client databases on the server. If the new template does not work with the old client then the user will be in trouble and may not be able to use their files.

That makes sense!

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