April 11, 2006

Ed Brill leaving IBM for Microsoft!

According to The Taking Notes podcast: Episode 18:04.04.06 - Moving on up in the Talking News section with Michael Sampson:

Ed Brill has accepted a position at Microsoft as the head of Exchange, LCS and sharepoint integration. On his website it says that it's time to move on with a new exciting project. And this shift should not be interpreted as a lack of faith in Lotus. It's just the right timing for him.


I can't find this information on his website although.
I wonder how much this cost Microsoft? Some gossip told me earlier at LotusPhere that he several times has been offered about 7 times his IBM salary, but that's just gossip of course...

Read about it on the taking notes podcast


Bruce Elgort said...

It was an April Fools joke by Mr. Sampson :-)

Niklas Waller said...

Alright ;-)
Good to know! Credits to Mr. Sampson for a good joke and me being a real April's Fool ;-)

I thought it was strange that Ed was leaving while still promoting IBM so strongly and still attacking Microsoft with such passion :-)

Thanx for a great podcast!!