April 25, 2006

Enable the out-of-office agent for another user

*** Update ***
In version 8 the mail router has new functionality called the Out of Office service which requires a Lotus Domino 8 server, Lotus Notes 8 client and Lotus Notes 8 mail template. The agent can still be used for backwards compatability requiring only the client and the template. The benefits of the new service are instant response time, fail-over support, automatic disabling, shorter duration times and delegation support (for both the agent and the service).

More about the new Lotus Notes 8 Out of Office functionality.

After version 6 of Notes/Domino it is possible to enable the out-of-office agent for someone else than yourself. You need some access and the designer client though. The development team are currently working on a way to get this feature into the Notes client. Until then we have to do this from the other end. Here's how to do it:

  • Open the user's mail database in Domino Designer -> MailServer / mail /xxx.nsf
  • Open the agent view
  • Mark/highlight the agent '(EditOfficeProfile)'
  • Choose 'agent' from the menu and the 'Run'
  • A popup screen appears where you can adjust some info like the dates and text to be displayed. Press 'Ok', do not press 'Enable'
  • Open up the agent 'OutOfOffice'
  • In the agent properties, choose second tab (the one with the key)
  • Type the hierarchical name of the person you want to enable the agent for in the 'Run on behalf of'-field

  • Go back to the first tab in the agent properties window and check which server that the agent runs on. That is, click on the schedule-button and make sure that the mailserver is listed there.
  • Save the agent
  • Let the agent be marked/highlighted and choose 'agent' from the menu and the 'Enable'
  • Done!

I read about this tip in the second part of this series:
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Anonymous said...

TACK! Hittade inte det du skrev förut men din blogg kan man lita på!
Hare bäst!


Niklas Waller said...

Kul att hora av dig, det var ett tag sedan. Kul ocksa att det kommer till nytta allt man skriver ner har.

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PS. Halsa alla!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the help. (this is very useful information)

Paul Garth said...

These instructions are great. Thanks for doing this, but it worked sweet.


Anonymous said...

Check out Extracomm's Out-of-office Manager. You can now set out-of-office for someone else simply by a few clicks.