September 17, 2006

A guided tour onboard Östanå I

Yesterday I was on a guided tour in the swedish archipelago outside Stockholm on the boat Östanå I from Strömma kanalbolaget. It was a 2,5 h trip and the weather was sunny and warm.

It is only a few minutes by boat from the central of Stockholm to reach these beautiful areas.

To the left I caught some sunrain with the camera.

To the right a big ferry that goes to and from Sweden and Finland. Those ferries are a great party place for one or two nights.

Islets and rocks. We are in the inner Stockholm archipelago and don't get very far on a little more than an hours boatride out. When you get to the outer areas the environment of the archipelago looks quite different.

In Sweden we have something called "Allemansrätten", which means that everybody have the right to and access to walk on all land or
islands even if it's private. You must not however destroy and missuse anything. As long as people don't missuse this it is a great thing we have. I can whenever I want to go or sail anywhere I want to and sit down and eat a meal or watch some birds or whatever.

The inner of Stockholm is also beautiful itself with a lot of water and trees.

To the right is a photo of a part of Stockholm harbour. The land in the back is Djurgården where an amusement park called Gröna lund is located and Skansen which is a miniature of sweden.

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