November 19, 2006

A success concept with company blogs!

I believe that it is hard in many companies to make managers and decisionmakers to understand the possibilities and value that company blogs can bring.

I have where I work introduced what blogs are and the businessvalue of them. This lead us to starting company blogs in august this year. Currently there are three employees blogging on working time about their interests which coincides very much with the company’s business concept.

The company is an animal insurance company called Agria Djurförsäkring. One blog is about horses and IT where the author is the CIO of Agria with deep interests in both areas. The second one is about dogs where the author is working for Agria as a handling officer. On her sparetime she work as a breeder and has a kennel. The third blog is about hunting and football, two interests of the third author.

We believe that this is a winning concept, when our employees are our customers sharing their professional skills and interests on their blogs.

Take a look here:
- Horse blog by Pia de Gysser
- Dog blog by Sofie Lönn
- Hunt blog by Mattias Wallman

By the way, the blogs are developed in Domino of course, based on the open source template BlogSphere that you can find on

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