May 01, 2007

Maintain your web 2.0 collection with Wink

Wink markets themselves as the people search engine. This social search engine searches MySpace, Bebo, LinkedIn, Live Space, Friendster, Twitter and the web which right now according to wink means over 166,845,664 people.

Besides this which is both interesting and useful you can register for an account and state your different web2.0 accounts you have on the web. They have listed lots of them and if something isn't there you can state your own url.

After making some adjustments I copied a script, which can be both HTML and Flash, and put a wink widget on my blog. Whenever I make a change on wink it is reflected in the widget.

I can see three obvious and good ways of using this; the widget to put on the blog, a place which keeps track of all my different accounts and a people search engine.

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