May 03, 2007

New notes.ini settings page

I read on Domino Blog that there's a new page on developerWorks with public notes.ini variables with descriptions, examples and comments.

-- UPDATE --
View of new notes.ini variables from the Notes/Domino Fix List

-- UPDATE --
I posted a comment on Domino Blog where I was pointing out that the list seems kind of small especially when compared to another Notes.ini list called the DrCC Notes.INI Reference. Amy Smith replied:

When the notes.ini info was in the admin help, we could only update it at major releases. It was hard to keep up with all the new .inis being created. Now, when a new Notes.ini variable is created, or an existing one changes or is rendered obsolete, that info can be updated on devWorks fairly quickly. So you can expect to see the .ini list on devWorks increase soon.

Currently, the existing Notes.ini documentation from 7.0 has been migrated to devWorks. We are now in the process of gathering new and updated notes.ini info for Domino 8. We plan on updating the on-line info every two weeks for the time being. That will probably slow down to once monthly after Domino 8 ships.

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Bernd Webster said...

Hi nick,

just for your reference... there is also another good notes.ini reference: