July 05, 2006

Changes in Internet site documents don't work

Changes in Internet site documents, especially Web Site documents don't work. When I have made a change in a web site document like changing the number of default lines per view page, the change doesn't come through, nothing happens, still the same problem. It was very confusing and irritating until I found the problem.

What you do is that you open the server document and look at the Basics tab. Disable the field 'Load Internet configurations from Server\Internet Sites documents'.

All the settings that before could be seen and adjusted in the web site document now can be found under tab 'Internet Protocols -> Domino Web Engine'. You will probably notice that the number of default lines per view page still is the old value and not the one you tried to change it into in the web site document. Change the value here, enable 'Load Internet configurations...' and save the server document and the change finally works and is also visible in the web site document.

I should add that this happens for a Domino 6.5.4 server on iSeries and I can't speak for other environments. Please leave a comment if you have any experiences on this.

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