July 12, 2006

Trace server

Maybe some Notes users or IT-support personal come across this blog. Here's a tip for you.

In some organizations their are sometimes problems to connect to domino servers for a whole lot of reasons. One thing you can try is to trace the server.
If the client has lost its route to the server the trace makes the client "find" the server again.

Here's how to do it:

  • Chose File -> Preferences -> User Preferences in the Notes client and select 'Ports' in the box that opens up

  • Press the trace button to the right and the following box opens up

    You can type in the server's name in the destination field. Either you just use the common name that is 'Server1' or the full hierarchical name. Press 'Trace' and a trace is made. If everything is going well it should look something like this when searching for the common name:

    Determining path to server Server1
    Available Ports: TCPIP
    Checking normal priority connection documents only...
    Allowing wild card connection documents...
    Checking for Server1/OU/O at last known address 'Server1' on TCPIP...
    Connected to server Server1/OU/O

    If this doesn't work try tracing using the domino servers IP address. When doing so:
    1. You're not dependent of the DNS to work
    2. A connection document is created in your personal addressbook

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