July 19, 2006

Install your Lotus Notes client on a USB key

Declan Lynch reports on his blog that in IBM Lotus Notes Domino 7.0.2 Beta the feature Nomad is available. This means that the entire Lotus Notes client can be installed onto a USB key and startup will all your settings on any windows machine. It will take up approximately 340 MB.

Declan writes...
I could quit notes and move the USB key to another machine and everything worked as if it was installed locally. I also had the full notes client installed on one of the machine I put the USB key into and the Lotus Nomad install did not interfere with the installed client in any way. It was also nice to see that nomad worked perfectly when I plugged the USB key into a Windows Vista beta machine.

It will only work for the Lotus Notes client though. Here's how to make it work for admin and designer clients. He continues...
To turn your recently installed Lotus Nomad client into a Lotus Admin Designer Nomad client you just need to copy over 4 files to the USB Key :


This can be done by any user since Nomad requires only standard privileges. It only writes to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry key.

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