July 04, 2006

Red box of death

Have you ever heard of the red box of death? You probably have if you have been working with Notes for a while. Here is a bad quality screenshot from a swedish installation where the rbod occurred. This occured when a user was about to read a document in a lotus notes application like many times before. Unexplainable!

Maybe someone can explain why it occurs or what to do when it happens but from my experience the best thing to do is just to ignore what just happend or maybe reboot the client (and perhaps the server).

Take a look at this blog for a funny now and then image of the red-box-of-death. Scroll down to the post 'The New RBOD'. If someone's got anything on this, please leave a comment. It would be interesting to know.

And here is a way to make it appear.

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Christian Brandlehner said...

OK, that red box is ugly. But these errors are usually caused by a specific problem, not intermittent crashes. As NSD is invoked after a crash you can contact IBM Lotus Support to analyze that NSD file to find (and hopefully fix) the root cause of the crash.

Niklas Waller said...

Ok, good to know. Thanx for your response!