March 30, 2006

Internet, the web and digital media

Internet is a public accessible worldwide system of connected devices presenting information via digital media. In other words Internet is not restricted to just web browsers, Internet comprises over all digital media connected to the worldwide network like cell phones, PDA's, digital TV, desktop applications, gaming consoles etc.

The web, World Wide Web or WWW is a hypertextsystem that is used on the Internet. People tend to use the word 'web' and 'Internet' as an equal mening, but there is a difference. What do we mean by the web, what is the definition really, should it be reconsidered?

The web like the Internet is not restricted to just present information via web browsers on computers. The web is a way of presenting information defined by certain standards and rules through digital media.

So the digital media becomes the big issue really. What are the channels through which we communicate to one another and with systems?
There is a layer of information/data and there is a presentation layer. The digital media is used to connect these two layers and it comes to all of us to define standards for the presentation towards the consumer. How do we want the information presented in whatever media we discuss? The way that information is presented through web browsers via standard computers today is a very good way for this media. If we are discussing cell phones, then the presentation should be slighlty changed to fit this media but using the same standards and guidelines.

So the meaning and definition of the web changes as new techniques are embraced by the communicating communities. The presentation is the most important thing but it has to be considered in relation to the digital media through which it is presented.

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