March 22, 2006

Windows messenger running in background

A while ago I decided to exchange my hotmail account to a Gmail account. In doing that I got a new email address and I also registered for a new MSN Messenger account with my new mail address.
Although I'm using MSN Messenger and not the ugly Windows Messenger I suddenly came to realize that Windows Messenger always starts in the background not showing any signs of this other than in the task manager. I noticed this when people started telling me I was logged on with my both accounts. I tried to open windows messenger from the start menu but that only tended to start another instance of Windows Messenger (msmsgs.exe).

So how is this fixed?
Check services, that is Start->Run (services.msc)
Is Messenger service running and is it on automated start? Look at the properties. In that case stop the service and set it as manual or disabled instead.

If this was not the issue, if it already is disabled, then what? Well simply open another instance of Windows messenger. Choose tools -> Options -> Preferences and uncheck the option saying that Windows Messenger starts when Windows starts. Restart the computer and try again.

Or, I haven't tried this myself, delete the following registration key: