March 23, 2006


Today I attended an event called 'Webbdagarna', held by IDG's Internetworld. Its translation is something like 'the web days'. It's a two day event intended to tell us all about what's happening on the web with news, new technology, innovation, future, products... at least that's what I expected... Instead it turned out to be an event intended for leaders, sales managers and marketing personel with a mission to find a web publishing tool like a ECM, WCM or an e-commerce system. Since I'm a developer I would expect to hear something about Web 2.0, AJAX, XHTML, more on how to develop using XML and XSL, portal issues, how the web is considered as a platform etc. The list is long and I found the event to be a bit 1.0 actually. Before I critize it anymore I will give it another chance tomorrow for the second day of the event. The agenda says marketing and search engine optimization. Hopefully the name web will live up to its promises.

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