March 24, 2006

Webbdagarna - day 2

Yes! Day 2 was a success!!!
Much of what I asked for yesterday came up today and I feel full of inspiration. Good work Internetworld on the choice of subjects and speakers today. Download all presentations from the event here.

A very short review:
The two main subjects for today were marketing and Search Engine Optimizing (SEO).
- Mikael Zackrisson brought up some trends and gave the audience tips of useful sites.
- Kenneth Danielsson from Isobar spoke about the digital perspective and strategies with the message "Think web first!".
- A representative from Farfar (don't remember her name) held an interesting lecture about succesful web campaigns.
- The vice president from, Frank Ericson, was talking about behaviour marketing (how a group of consumers act in different medium.
- Two speakers Hans Sandblom from SEO and Sara Andersson from Global Strategies were talking about search engine optimization with lots of useful tips.

Next year make the first day less selling and more interesting for everybody and keep and improve day 2.

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