March 22, 2006

LotusPhere 2006

I attended LotusPhere 2006 in Orlando this year. LotusPhere is a yearly conference nowadays held only in Orlando. IBM is hosting it and the product family Lotus is the purpose of the conference. The main subjects discussed and presented are Lotus Notes/Domino, Sametime, Workplace and WebSphere.

I was the only representative from the company where I work with a mission to find out news, tips, future hints, new products etc. for our strategy, competence and knowledge. It turned out to be a very pleasant stay. The conference began in januari 22nd and ended in january 26th. Above is the dolphin building. To the right in the picture (not visible) is the Swan building. Both were the residence daytime for about 6000 attendes from all over the world.

The temperature was around 25 C in daytime and around 12-15 C in the evening. The humidity was high though and according to the news there were warmer than usual this time of the year.

I would like to upload the presentations, but that would take up to much space. I will instead get back to the outcome of this from my point of view in later postings.

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