August 22, 2006

Google MP3 Player - a new GMail feature

I read the Google Blogoscoped and found a blog post about Google MP3 Player. Appearantely Amit Agarwal on Digital Inspiration has been digging into the GMail code and found a MP3 player. It is actually the Google Video Player that can be used to play any mp3 file even without having to login to GMail.

I have followed Philipp Lenssen's advice and put it into an iframe. This way we get a Google-like interface with a progressbar and sound adjustments.

Below is the latest episode from the Taking Notes Podcast - Taking Notes Episode 28:08.17.06 - Sametime on Linux, DominoWiki, Lotusphere 2007, OpenNTF Update, Online Meeting Tips and News.

Now sit back and enjoy this great podcast for Notesoholics from Nick's corner!

or... try it yourself. This is the secret URL ->

Take a look at the source code for info on how to put it into an iframe.

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