August 16, 2006

Plans for 'Locations' in Hannover

Mary Beth Raven, the lead project designer for the Hannover project has in a posting on her blog mentioned the plans for 'Locations'.

The old concept of 'Locations' from Notes will be kept but reduced:

  • Office (network) -> Online
  • Island (disconnected) -> Offline
  • Travel (notes direct dialup) -> Travel (to remove?)
  • Home (notes direct dialup) -> Home (to remove?)
  • Home (network dialup) -> remove
  • Internet -> remove
In Hannover it will be possible to see all old locations from Notes 7 and to manage locations. When managing locations and choosing to create a new or to edit an existing one the following dialog box will appear:

Read more on Mary's blog and the comments she has received.

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