August 28, 2006

wink - The Social Search Engine

wink is a social search engine powered by the people. It indexes tagged content from Digg, Yahoo MyWeb, Furl, Slashdot and other social bookmarking services and displays them on search result pages.

Create your own account on wink. Search, tag, vote and block as you please.
If you like a page (a search result), then add it to your favourites by clicking on a star. If you don't like it, then block it by clicking in the blocking symbol and you won't see it again.

wink also synchronizes will and it is also possible to edit wiki entries inside wink. An explanation and a reference to wikipedia is presented for the meaning of the search word.

A search plugin for Firefox can be installed.

Next version, wink 2.0, is launched next week.

Read more on Techcrunch for a more detailed description.

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