August 20, 2006

Each week's most popular online video clips

Lifehacker reports about The WorldTV Internet TV Charts site. It keeps track of the most popular videos from 4 services and updates every Sunday at 7pm:

Here's the current number one from Google Video:

Also see popurls tracking the most popular urls from, del.ici.ous and

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aphil006 said...

I’m a big fan of web-videos – YouTube is practically my homepage. But anyone who has ever tried to use its search feature knows that the only videos you can find are the ones that people have submitted. When Google introduced their Video Search I was encouraged, thinking, maybe I’ll finally be able to find those rare gems (outtakes from the Tovak episode of Star Trek, etc.). But that Google feature only searches the videos available on Google’s own server, not the on web. Tovak hasn’t got a home on my PC yet…

But I recently found out about a new video search engine, ClipBlast, which unlike Google, YouTube, etc. searches ALL the videos on the net. Every single one available to you easily. is the site for any video search – find Tovak a home or download the latest “Better Know a District” from The Colbert Report (silent “T” of course).

You can find even high quality video, something difficult on YouTube, almost impossible on Google. So, find Tovak a home and give clipblast a try. You won’t be disappointed.