August 14, 2006

NeoWORX blog counter

Maybe you have noticed my new counter further down to the right on this blog? I found it on Paul Mooney's site. Go to NeoWORX homepage and you can try three different applications:

  • NeoCounter

    It shows the number and nationality of online and past visitors.
    Here's a screen shot from this blog:

  • NeoEarth displays your online and past visitors on a choice of 12 zoomable maps in 4 different sizes.

  • NeoBoard helps you to establish a community feeling by discussing with your visitors online.

Registration offers a premium version for 14 days and after that it's your choice to choose the premium version or the free version. The free version for NeoCounter offers a basic online display without past visitors information and unable to customize looks. I think I will go with that one though. We'll see after 14 days.

Take a look at NeoWORX for more info about the counter.

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J.J. said...

I tried both the map and the counter. The map didn't work. It kept showing me in Atlanta when in fact I am in San Diego. When I asked for the problem to be fixed, Roberto, who is the only person in this one-man company (he lives in France) ignored my repeated requests, and when I asked for a refund he refused, saying that the 14 trial days were over (even though I was waiting for him to fix the problem, which he never did and I asked on the 15th day). My conclusion: the guy is a bona fide crook. Don't fall for it and don't pay him any money. If you're not happy with his program, you will never see your money again. Unfortunately, we have here yet another case of an individual who doesn't understand the meaning of customer service, let alone honesty. Stay away from him and his crappy programs. Just my two cents.

Niklas Waller said...

ok, thanks for your comment on that.
My 14 days are over since a while now and I decided that it was a nice app but nothing I am willing to pay money for. I only tried the Neocounter and only read the description about the map. I have had no problems at all but too bad for you and others if it doesn't work.

I agree, this guy and his company will not go far treating customers that way.